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A superior communicator and natural ‘people person’ with a charismatic capacity to build partnerships and long term relationships whatever the situation, Harold Wolf is an exceptional agent with a proven entrepreneurial flair. European by birth and Australian by choice, Harold is extremely accomplished at communicating in a clear, concise and friendly manner regardless of background or culture.

With a lifelong love of architecture and property instilled as a small child at his grandfather’s knee, Harold’s 20 years in real estate have seen him work as a licensed real estate agent, buyer’s agent and mortgage broker, giving him a unique skillset and perspective into one of the world’s most competitive property markets. True to his personality, Harold has committed decades to learning everything he can about his chosen industry in order to give his customers the service they deserve.

Progressive and innovative with an unwavering focus on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive and challenging environments, Harold’s impressive track record of success covers a wide variety of fields. Always up for a challenge and being the best he can be at whatever he turns his mind to, Harold’s career experiences are a huge asset for vendors and purchasers alike.

With an outstanding problem solving ability and self-discipline forged in the military, Harold has been the successful owner of both a building company and an advertising agency, as well as the crewing agent for a major international airline. As a result, Harold has an incredibly strong work ethic with an intuitive understanding of people and their motivations, especially within a high pressure environment.

An expert in his field with strong negotiating skills and a deep understanding of processes from advertising design and building to financing and tax requirements, Harold’s ability to work with customers to achieve impressive results in competitive markets is without parallel.

Harold is a dynamic individual whose personality energises all those around him. With a true passion for Real Estate Marketing and Sales combined with a straightforward and honest personality and an astute business acumen, Harold’s advice, guidance, insight and approach make him one of Sydney’s finest Real Estate Professionals.


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