Presentation Tips

Property styling has become a big business due to the high returns it generates for your final sales price, and is an essential item to consider before the photographer comes through the door.

You can hire stylists from around $2,000, but there's plenty you can do to maximise your visuals without professional help.

The key is to identify your target buyers before you start. If it's for families, you might create a nursery, whereas professionals might prefer to see an office in the spare room.


Style Appropriately

If starting from scratch, stylists have a simple approach.

Industrial style for young buyers

Scandinavian style for young families

Hamptons style for older buyers

Basic furnishing for investors.

Also look to your home for inspiration. A country Federation home requires different décor than a contemporary apartment, for example.

DIY Tips

Sometimes all your home needs to show its best qualities is a little bit of care and attention. Here are some simple things to think about before you market your home.

  • Stick to a single colour scheme - if in doubt, white it out. Different shades of white can make spaces larger
  • If you have bad flooring, find a rug to hide it
  • Declutter everywhere! Hire storage for items that take up too much space
  • Buy potted plants rather than cut flowers to avoid buying new posies each week
  • Scatter cushions and textured throws might be all you need to brighten up your lounge room or bedroom.
  • Make sure to have plain, fluffy linens in the bathroom

Getting A Stylist

When you're really not sure about style, or if you feel that your furniture is too dated, it can be useful to call in professional stylists. Basic packages can start from $2,000, but larger homes may need up to $10,000 to create the right ambience. You'll be amazed by the results and happy with the extra value a professional style can add to your final sales price.

A final checklist before photoshoots and open homes

  • Thoroughly clean your home and sugar soap dirty walls
  • Clear away all clutter, personal effects, photos and valuables
  • Sweep your entrance, weed the garden, shake your door mats
  • Water all plants inside and out
  • Turn on all lights and lamps
  • Angle shutters and curtains to let in maximum light
  • In cool weather, warm your home, otherwise switch on air conditioning
  • Empty your bins
  • Dress up your beds and sofas
  • Wipe away excess water from showers, sinks and benchtops