Dalia Raymundo

Senior Property Manager, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Career Profile

Dalia’s achievements in real estate are a result of her commitment, her total professionalism and excellence in customer service which she believes is the foundation to her success since being involved in the industry since 2004.

Dalia has wealth of experience when it comes to selling residential properties in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. Her experience extends from the prestige Eastern Suburbs of Sydney to wide Sydney metropolitan area covering a wide variety of property needs.

Her experience in property management in recent years is also very helpful with her knowledge of the Eastern Suburbs rental market as she is able to give her knowledge to her clients and customers when they are making property investment decisions.

Dalia is somebody who has a strong sense of purpose, innovation and competence. She consistently looks to challenge herself and she understands the need to be organised, trustworthy and have an open communication line with her clients.


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