Wentworth Partners' straightforward approach has created an exciting alternative to traditional real estate agencies who want to retain control of their business owners. With the support of a well recognised brand and access to a network of business experts, success of our agents is guaranteed.

The members of Wentworth Partners will be independent business operators and will retain 100% control of their own independent real estate businesses. At Wentworth Partners, we want our people to feel a true sense of belonging, and to have the freedom to progress in their careers without the contractual restraints applied by many other agencies in our industry.

We give our Agency Principals total independence, letting them make the right decisions for their individual property businesses. It’s this approach that gives our Principals a distinct advantage over their franchise competitors and lets them provide the best service for their clients. The Wentworth Partners approach liberates all of our directors from those suffocating restraints that undermine the leadership of many in corporate franchises.


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